Quality Control

                                                               Tasso Factory Quality Control


“Water is the source of life, quality is life for enterprise”, Tasso treats this as its credendum from the day it is set up and executes it all along and improves it constantly.  Besides based on ISO regulations, Tasso frames its own complete and effective quality control mode, according to particular cases of the industry.

•  All-staff-involved quality management (QC circle), the on-line workers are authorized to stop production line when they find any quality problem. 

•  By treating back and forth procedure as a relationship of seller and buyer, we make every party in the line to be mutual-monitored and mutual-beneficial.

•  Adopt 100% inspection method to control quality strictly.  

•  Supplier Evaluation System ensures a stable quality of raw material or spare parts.  

•  Internationalized 6S Management ensures a methodical working condition, which leads to efficiency enhancement and cost reduction.

•  Established concrete and elaborated target makes itself visible and numerical.

•  Complete after-sales-trace system is adopted.  We focus on product researching and development, manufacturing, consultation, maintenance, sound system upgrading, project installation, etc other than just selling a product. 

•  Quality circulation notice in different production lines strengthens the QA concept of our staff, and consequently wins the trust from our customers.

Thanks for this 8-Policy, we control the quality effectively and obtain broad recognition from customers from home and abroad, meanwhile building up a good enterprise image.

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